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Local China and Other Collectables

A wide variety of china items were produced for sale by Walter Harriman at the village Post Office. These were manufactured in Stoke on Trent by Arcadia, Carlton and Goss. All pieces displayed a crest with the Woodhouse Eaves name, as shown in the picture. This crest was actually that of the Heanes family of Woodhouse in the 18th. Century. These were readily purchased by the large number of trippers that visited the village in the 1920's and 1930's. Although no longer produced these have become very collectible items.

The following photo shows some of the items held by the Local History Group, and a few private collectors.

Below are a few photos of individual items.

The first two show a china milk churn and cat with the Heanes crest and Harriman's name on the base.

Another example is a Toby Jug. However the latest addition is a very rare model of the windmill. This should take pride of place in the collection. The photo shows it in all its glory.

There is one collectable item worth mentioning. One that was in the possession of Eric Simons, a previous postmaster in the village. Unfortunately it was accidentally broken. It was a submarine! What that had to do with Woodhouse Eaves is anyone's guess. There may be another somewhere.

Not only are china souvenirs available, but also pottery. Two candlesticks are shown, by Longpark Pottery, Torquay.

A series of plates, cups, jugs etc. were recently donated to the History Group by the Woodhouse & Swithland Conservative Association as this branch no longer exists. Just the thing for a traditional afternoon tea.

Two further plates in a local collection are of the Woodhouse Eaves windmill, and St. Paul's Church. It is worth mentioning that St. Paul's Church was consecrated in 1837. It was designed by William Railton, who also designed Beaumanor Hall in Woodhouse, and Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square, London.

There is also a Woodhouse Eaves plate in the collection at Loughborough Museum

...Two further recent finds have been Woodhouse Eaves teapots. They are both of a rather similar style, and it is believed they came from the same factory. One is marked 'Victoria Austria'. This was a famous Continental pottery, now in the Czech Republic.

It would appear that the previous plate is also from this pottery.

The Woodhouse Eaves submarine has surfaced. By a stroke of good fortune, one of them was located in the collection of one of our villagers. A photograph of this is shown, complete with crest, and marked E4, made by Arcadia Pottery in Stoke on Trent. No doubt Arcadia provided the submarine with many different coats of arms to suit various towns, but it is still a mystery why it was chosen for Woodhouse Eaves, a village that could not be further from the sea.

A little research on the internet showed that E4 actually existed.
HMS E4 was a British submarine built by Vickers, Barrow-in-Furness, costing £101,900.
E4 was launched on 5th. February 1912 and commissioned on 28th. January 1913 with a crew of 30.
Whilst on war duty, E4 was attacked by the German airship SL3 on 24th. September 1915. During exercises off Harwich on 15th. September 1916 she collided with sister ship E41. Both submarines sank, but there were no survivors from E4. Both boats were eventually raised, repaired and recommissioned.
After the Great War, E4 was sold on 21st. February 1922 to the Upnor Ship Breaking Company for scrapping.

But still - why Woodhouse Eaves?

A number of new items of Woodhouse Eaves have recently turned up, including two from Keith Stockwell in Florida, U.S.A.

He has sent photos of these,

One being an ash tray,

The other a small bowl,

Both showing the windmill.



The next two items are very different souvenirs. These are relatively modern fridge magnets.

The left one is the Slate Workers Cottages on Maplewell Road,

The other shows St. Paul's Church

Below is a souvenir from several years ago is a silver plated letter opener purchased from Penecraft on Main Street.

Two small dishes were issued. Woodhouse Eaves Methodist Church celebrated 100 years in 1987, and a nice sketch of Roecliffe Manor when it was a Leonard Cheshire Home.

Among the collection is an unusual shaped dish with lid. Again with a picture of the Woodhouse Eaves windmill.

The year 2002 celebrated the Golden Jubilee of H.M. Queen Elizabeth. Naturally there were many souvenirs produced, including two from Woodhouse Eaves. The first being a china mug produced by Oakwood Pharmacy.

Among other celebrations a 'Fun Run' was organised up and around Beacon Hill. Competitors received a metal badge which shows the front and rear engraving.

Another china mug was produced a few years ago to celebrate 'Easter in the Forest'. It was printed for the villages of Woodhouse , Woodhouse Eaves, and Swithland.

There is a china presentation plate in the collection marked 'Woodhouse Eaves Church and School - E.M.H. 1902. This is almost certainly by Edith Maud Hiley, wife of the Rev. Arnold Hiley, Vicar of Woodhouse Eaves, 1898-1929. Does anyone know why it was presented?

A very special china souvenir was recently available – a model of the Woodhouse Eaves War Memorial on Church Hill, commissioned once again by Walter Harriman at the Post Office in the 1920's. Most collectables cost about £10-£40 each, very reasonable. This one was on offer at £350, which regrettably was far in excess of what one was willing to pay, so the offer was refused. However, photographs are available and appear here to show 'what might have been'.

A lady in our village was recently in the North of England, where she found a particularly nice china model of a cottage marked Woodhouse Eaves. also by Walter Harriman at the Post Office. The photos follow.

There was an unusual exhibit at the recent Horticultural Show in the Village Hall. A blue jug with a sketch of the Woodhouse Eaves windmill on one side, and 'Old John' on the other. It also had the name Wendy inscribed. This belonged to a lady in the village, but who Wendy was and who made it is a mystery. Does anyone know?

Yet another china collectible has been found by a local villager. This time in the shape of a jug, inscribed on the base as 'Model of ancient Roman jug now in Hanley Museum. Numbered 370 and made by Carlton China of Stoke on Trent

Do come back often to view this page as items are constantly being added as more are added to the Local History Group's collection..

Definately not china, but brass but still equally collectable.

The first items are a shoe horn and a pipe rack, featuring the Woodhouse Eaves Windmill.

Another brass shoe horn depicting the Woodhouse Eaves Windmill has recently joined the village collection. Obviously from the same manufacturer as the paper knife below.

A brass paper knife has recently been discovered, shown as a whole, and an enlarged copy of the headpiece.

Brass Paper knife

Head of paper knife

Several years ago, Stan Cunningham of Dewsbury made a small model in plaster of 'The Old School' on Church Hill. reasonably accurate from the front, but one or two small inaccuracies at the rear. However it makes a pleasant model

The Old School, Woodhouse Eaves

The Old School, Woodhouse Eaves

A further china collectible has emerged. This time a special jug offering 'Lucky white heather' from Woodhouse Eaves. Unfortunately there is slight damage.

Peter Rabbit has decided to leave the Lake District and Beatrix Potter to live in Woodhouse Eaves

Not really a Woodhouse Eaves collectible yet, but no doubt - one day in the future. Meanwhile this splendidly decorated pig watches the customers in Johnson's shop on Main Street.

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